About 5 by 5 Aircraft

Why rally around the name 5 by 5? The term 5 by 5 has its roots in WWII. It is generally described as a response to a radio communication/call “How do you Read?” By responding with 5 By 5 you are indicating the communication is coming through “loud” and the message is “clear.” Basically, the message has been heard and UNDERSTOOD.

For the professionals at 5 by 5, we take that meaning to heart. First we take the time to listen, and listen in detail to understand your needs and expectations. Buying or selling a plane can be complex, and at times, extraordinarily stressful. We work for you! Our goal is to exceed your expectations, build a long-lasting relationship and have fun while we are at it.

• Brokerage Services – Our brokerage services start with a detailed discussion regarding the decision driving you to consider selling your aircraft, your expectations regarding the timing to sell your aircraft, marketing strategy and the initial ask price.

We will then build a detailed market analysis, utilizing public information and private subscriptions. We will poll other brokers and call to discuss the market with other owners. All in an effort to identify the average time on market and market price expectations for your aircraft.
Once we have the necessary information, we will work with you to reconcile your expectations and the market and develop a market strategy to market your aircraft.

When your aircraft is being marketed, the professionals at 5 by 5 will field the inquiries, interview qualified buyers, handle negotiations and ensure you get the best price based on market conditions.

Negotiating a great deal is not the end. We will remain by your side during the delivery process, managing the pre-buy from the seller’s prospective, closing documents and escrow.

• Acquisition Services –Identifying the right aircraft and best deal takes effort. The process begins with a detailed discussion regarding the aircraft you are looking to purchase and how you plan to use it. This will be a detailed discussion about your mission, budget and ownership profile.

Once we have identified the type of aircraft, we will then move to find the best example at the best price available at the time. We will then manage the pre-buy and closing. You can relax knowing that our goal is to ensure a seamless purchase process and great ownership experience.