This is what some of our clients think of us!

Jerry Roth – CJ3 Seller

I worked with Henry very early on in his career.  When we first met, I was purchasing a new CJ2 directly from Cessna.  I was impressed with Henry’s professional attitude, diligence and attention to detail.

I eventually moved up from a CJ2 to a CJ3.  When the decision was made to sell the CJ3, I reached out to Henry.  I knew that his long tenure with Cessna made him uniquely qualified to help sell my aircraft.  Having Henry broker my plane proved to be the right decision.  The aircraft sold quickly.  Frrom the signing of the brokerage agreement to having an acceptable offer, only 34 days lapsed.

Henry brings a unique perspective with his knowledge of Cessna’s internal operations.  He has knowledge of both new and used aircraft sales at Cessna.  Through Henry’s knowledge and navigation of the Pro-Parts program, I was able to use Pro-Parts credits to cover the majority of the inspection costs.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Henry to any of my peers, friends and family.